Something I Do

For a long time our 401K and retirement fund were just big holes where we threw our money, hoping to see it again in thirty years. Now we realize that the money is actually going somewhere and being used, for good and for evil. While we can’t control everything, my husband and I decided that we could convert our retirement funds to SRIs – Sustainable and ┬áResponsible Investments. If we are going to be setting aside money to grow for our old age, we want our investments to be used ethically. If you need any help turning over your retirement or investments, we highly recommend Streamline Financial Services. They understand the values we have and they search to find us the portfolio that will make the impact we want to make (or not make) with our money.

Something I Don’t

We don’t budget. We live within our means, but we don’t always know where those “means” are going. A defined budget helps a person be more green because you can track where your money is spent and make a bigger impact with each choice. When we are aware of our spending, we are more effective at limiting consumerism, gas consumption, eating out, and frivolous, impulsive choices. The more we examine our money and its impact, the more we can use it as a tool for change, rather than it using us to keep Walmarts and Targets operational.

How do you make your money serve you? How do you use your wealth (and if you are reading this, you have attained a certain level of wealth) for good?