Here are the Meisenheimer reviews for the first round of pilots this year:

Terra Nova

Shallow characters and flimsy dialogue battle with epic plots and rich settings to define this show. I love the idea, but the execution is sad. And the biggest disappointment? They blew their best mystery in the first episode. What are they thinking? This show is moving way too fast. Slow down and unveil your plot with skill!

Up All Night

We love the chemistry between the husband and wife. Some moments are LOL funny. The Maya Rudolph scenes cheapen the experience. The laughs are too obvious and over the top.

Person of Interest

What a cast. The show is worth watching just to see “Benjamin Linus” again. Like Terra Nova, this is a brilliant concept for a show. It is full of potential. But it may end up being too episodic for the Meisenheimers. We like our dramas to have rich back stories and long-range arcs. This show seems to be a one-off.

Two Broke Girls

Waste of time.

The New Girl

This show is my tv girlfriend. What a great character! We watched the commercials for this show all summer and it does not disappoint.

The Playboy Club

So far, just a cheap version of Mad Men. The setting and characterization are clich√©. But we’ll give it a few more episodes to see what happens. *Update. This one is cancelled. ¬†Good idea.

Pan Am

So this 60’s thing is getting to be an archetypal tv genre. Interesting. The 60’s are some of the most fascinating years of American history. Anyway, Pan Am promises some espionage, some 60’s culture, and some stereotypical flight attendants. This show and the Playboy Club have the potential to become the new nighttime soap operas. If that happens: No, gracias.

The X Factor

I love tv talent shows. But SYTYCD has ruined me forever because it is a real competition. After Nigel Lithgow, no talent judge seems sincere, relevant, unproduced, or unscripted. Sorry Simon, but your show is pre-canned.

A Gifted Man

This is a good show. Yes, it has a ghost that haunts a guy, but somehow they make it work. The casting directors are hiring actors, not beauty queens, so the cast is real, diverse, and spell-binding. The script is quick and smart, most of the time. This is the fresh upstart that surprised us.


Great chemistry between the two stars is ruined by OTT dialogue and cardboard cut-outs of suburban families. Too bad.

What are you enjoying on TV this fall?